Coffee Brewing Equipment

Site Assessment
Every installation is different and requires brewing equipment suitable for the brewing volume, available counter space, number of coffee varieties served, self-serve or counter service, electrical service and decor.  Java Bob's will perform a free Site Assessment and recommend equipment options for your site. Just call and set up an appointment with no obligation.

Preventative Maintenance
We know how critical reliable brewing equipment can be and proper preventative maintenance is the key to keep you up and running. Our network of support technicians are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Installation is free for any equipment that customers purchase, consign or rent from us. 

Java Bob's provides free training on all coffee equipment, including proper use, maintenance, and helpful tips. 

Purchase or Consign
It is common practice for coffee roasters to supply brewing equipment at no charge if there is a commitment to make on going purchases of coffee and other consumable products.  Java Bob's consignment program is no exception.  The equipment remains the property of Java Bob's and is serviced and maintained by us.  We do require proper water filtration be used. 

If you would rather own your equipment for financial reasons or to have the freedom to use any coffee supplier,  Java Bob's would be happy to sell , install and maintain the equipment of your choice. 

Equipment Rental
​For customers with a need for commercial grade, NSF approved, coffee brewing equipment, but do not purchase enough coffee to qualify for consignment,  Java Bob's offers an equipment rental program.  For a modest monthly fee, Java Bob's installs and maintains equipment at your site. 

Selecting a Coffee Brewer
On the right, you will find some of the most common Wilbur Curtis brewers we supply, catagorized by application​.  We prefer not to supply pour-over brewers as their performance is not up to our standards.  All brewers are plumbed in and require water filtration.  

  Office Coffee Brewers
  • Overhead cabinet height is often an issue in small office cafeterias. The office brewers pictured at the right will fit on a counter with overhead cabinets set at the standard 18" clearance.  
  • These are both thermal brewers meaning they brew into thermal vessels and do not require warmers. The coffee says fresh and hot for hours. 
  • Survey the electric service. These brewers require 12.5A at 120V.  A standard 20A circuit can be overwhelmed is a microwave or toaster is put on the same circuit as these brewers. 

  Small Cafe / Large Office
  • The Wilbur Curtis D500 Airpot brewer is the ideal workhorse for large offices and modest sized cafes, bakeries and other eateries.
  • 120V / 240V models available. 240V models have virtually no recovery time.
  • A slim 9" wide and 23 3/4" tall. 
  • Available in a dual model.

  Large Cafe / Eatery
  • ​Brew into large , 1.5 gallon / 194 fl.oz. , thermal satellite vessels with these Thermal Pro brewers. 
  • 120V / 240V models available, but strongly suggest the 240V option for reasonable recovery time.
  • Available in single or dual models.

There are many other brewers made by Wilbur Curtis.  There are high volume Urn brewers, Combo coffee/iced tea brewers, Tea Brewers, Hot Water Dispensers and Specialty Drink Dispensers. See all the Wilbur Curtis products on their web site.  Java Bob's carries them all!

Water Filtration

Proper water filtration is the key to good tasting coffee and the reliability of coffee brewing equipment.  It is a complicated subject many do not have the time or patience to understand fully.  Luckily, Java Bob's has done the homework and makes it easy for you.

We use Cuno cartridge water filters.  This is a 3M company 
well known for their quality filtration systems.  Cuno filters 
are designed to protect espresso and coffee equipment, 
eliminating the harmful effects of sediment, chlorine, odor,
and scale present in many water supplies.

Java Bob's replaces the coffee brewer filter cartridge 
every six months for just the price of the cartridge. 
Installation is free. We keep  track of when to replace the 
cartridge.  No hassles. No worries. Just great tasting 
coffee and reliable equipment you can count on.

Office Coffee
Small Cafe / Large Office
Large Cafe / Eatery