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Office Coffee Service

Coffee brewed at work often has the reputation for being foul, black and bitter.  Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy cafe quality coffee at work and significantly reduce the cost at the same time? 

Significant Cost Savings over OCS
Office Coffee Service, ("OCS") is often provided by independent companies offering coffee, tea and a host of other items typically consumed at businesses.  OCS providers buy their coffee from roasters like Java Bob's at wholesale rates and naturally mark it up when re-sold.   Purchasing your office coffee directly from Java Bob's at wholesale rates can save you a great deal of money.

Commercial Grade Equipment
Since Java Bob's typically serves cafes, bakeries and restaurants,  we exclusively deal with commercial grade brewing equipment.  Brewers installed at office locations are cafe quality and are plumbed in with water filtration.  Brewing equipment and installation is free with low minimum coffee requirements.  For more information on your coffee brewer options, click here

Employee Coffee Purchase Program
Our Employee Coffee Purchase program lets your employees order any variety of Java Bob's coffee at a discounted price online and have it delivered at work, free of charge, on our normally scheduled route.  Your employees can easily save 20-30% off regular grocery store prices and have it delivered!  How often can you give your employees a benefit and save money at the same time? 

For a flyer announcing the Employee Coffee Purchase Program to your employees, click here.

Program Highlights
  • Fresh, cafe quality coffee at wholesale rates.
  • All levels of offices supported. From 3 employees to 1000's with multiple sites.
  • ​Low, 18" clearance, thermal brewers available with low coffee  minimum's.  
  • Rental brewers available if coffee minimums not met.
  • Regular deliveries in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.
  • UPS Delivery for out of the area customers.
  • Delivered in either 1 or 5lb bags, Ground or Whole Bean.
  • Secure, web-based ordering.
  • Cups, stir sticks, sweeteners, creamers and teas are all available.

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